Buying Your First Home Takes Research


Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be daunting, especially if you aren’t prepared. Jumping into a home sale because it’s a buyer’s market is impulsive and could cost you. The last thing you want is to be paying your home off after you have retired. According to Sanders Property, you can…

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Why a FSBO isn’t the Best Idea


Selling your home by yourself may save you fees and commissions, but it won’t save you headaches and the time you’ll spend away from your job or your business. If you are retired and think it will give you something to do, Sanders Property recommends that you rethink your plans. What is a FSBO? FSBO…

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5 Affordable Tips for Selling Your Home


Selling your home is a big transition that takes planning. Sanders Property understands how frustrating it can be to sell your house and has some tips to make the process easier. 1. Curb Appeal for Selling Your Home The first thing a potential buyer sees when he or she pulls up to your property is…

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Sell Your House with a Real Estate Agency in Clinton


People who flip houses for a living understand the real estate market in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Most, “Flippers,” work with a real estate firm in Clinton that they trust. While you may not be a professional, “Flipper,” you still deserve the same results that professional house flippers do. A trustworthy real…

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Knoxville Properties You’ll Fall In Love With


Stop dreaming about the perfect place to start your new life and call Sanders Properties. Sanders Property are the experts, and have been helping people just like you find the Knoxville property of their dreams, and best of all, with Sanders Properties it takes less time. What’s It Like To Live on a Knoxville Property…

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East Tennessee Land and Farms for Sale

east tennessee land and farms

Sanders Property in East Tennessee are the experts when it comes to locating East Tennessee land and farms. From that 52-acre property in Knoxville to the 100-acre block of land in East Tennessee, Sanders Property has got you covered. With years of experience in the Tennessee real estate market, you will find the property of…

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Custom Signs and Real Estate Marketing

friendly real estate advisors

Sanders Property offers a full experience for real estate marketing. Professional real estate marketing helps you market your property for sale. If you are an East Tennessee property owner that is trying to sell a farm, land, ranch, or home, you can count on Sanders Property to sell your property using the best real estate…

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Aerial Photography for Land and Farms

aerial photography

Back in the day, real estate agents had to rely on private pilots to take pictures of their land. This could be expensive and inconvenient. Thankfully, aerial photography for real estate has changed dramatically. With more than 10 million drones sold worldwide in 2018, analysts expect that number to double, or even triple, by the…

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