A Real Estate Agent in East Tennessee You Can Trust

If you are selling your property, it is best to hand the details over to a licensed real estate agent in East Tennessee. Selling a home or land by yourself isn’t easy. In fact, you probably will not get the price you want if you end up selling the property on your own.

Sanders Property is a family owned and operated real estate agent in East Tennessee and understands everything there is to know about selling a property in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Buying AND Selling with Sanders Property

Sanders Property has the best homes and land for sale. Unlike other real estate agents in East Tennessee, you won’t have to waste time checking out homes and land that are out of your price range or just not suitable.

Check out the three-bedroom one bath home in Clinton for just $93,000. This fixer upper starter home is perfect for new families or couples just getting started. This 894 square foot home is within walking distance to the Clinton High School and features hardwood floors, and a shaded lot. With just a bit of extra work you could keep the home or flip it. It would also be great as an income property.

Selling with Sanders Property

If you are selling your home, look no further than the best real estate agent in East Tennessee. You will not only get a great estimate for your property, but you will also sell it fast. Sanders Property will only show your home to interested parties so you will not have to worry about being barraged on a daily basis. Sanders Property will bring you real buyers, not looky loos.

If you would like to buy or sell a home, call and talk to a team member from Sanders. You could be signing papers before the New Year. Call and talk to Sanders Property today.

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