Reconsider Your FSBO with Sanders Property

You may think selling your home with a FSBO is a great idea because you’ll save money. However, if you follow the Sanders Property Blog you’ll remember that isn’t usually the case.

From time spent listing and showing your home, to crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when it comes to time to sign the contract, a FSBO can cause you more heartache than it’s worth.

Why Isn’t a FSBO a Good Idea?

According to Sanders Property, there are more than a few reasons to reconsider a FSBO. Firstly, you’ll experience a slower sale time, and secondly, you may not get the price you want.

Selling a home isn’t like transferring the title on a car. There is a mountain of paperwork that has to be gone through and while it isn’t as overwhelming as it used to be, there are still regulations and disclosures that must be adhered to. Just because you are selling your home without an agent doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow regulations.

Other Reasons to Avoid a FSBO

Sanders Property also explains that a selling a home takes a good negotiator. If you aren’t skilled in the art of negotiation, you could very well lose money or the sale all together.

From the home inspector to the buyer who wants the best deal, having Sanders Property onboard to sell your home really is an asset. Of course, one of the biggest reasons to avoid a FSBO like the plague is exposure.

Without marketing, no one will know your property is for sale. Real estate agents have access to sites that you don’t. If you want an MLS listing, you can forget about a FSBO.

Call Sanders Property and End the Madness

If you have been considering a FSBO, call and talk to Sanders Property. Sanders Property are the experts, and will sell your home fast, and best of all, you will save time and money.

Call for a no obligation consultation today.

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