Aerial Photography for Land and Farms

aerial photography

Back in the day, real estate agents had to rely on private pilots to take pictures of their land. This could be expensive and inconvenient. Thankfully, aerial photography for real estate has changed dramatically.

With more than 10 million drones sold worldwide in 2018, analysts expect that number to double, or even triple, by the end of 2021.

Photography Sells Homes

According to Sanders Property, drones have literally changed the real estate market. Property listing with photography from above wows sellers. Because footage using drones in the real estate market is almost as effective as 3-D video tours it’s a wise marketing decision.

Aerial photography shows off your land giving the potential buyer a bird’s eye view of your property.

Aerial Photography Sells Property

Although not every property is suitable for drone photography, the ones that are will have a tremendous advantage over the competition. Large blocks of land, farms, and ranch listings can all be highlighted using aerial photography for real estate.

Because drone footage allows the potential owner to catch a glimpse of the entire property it will increase web traffic. Potential buyers are curious about the location itself, but also about what is located around the property. Location is everything and if a potential buyer can see what is around your land, it just might cinch the deal.

Aerial Photography is a Real Game Changer

Drones are changing the way people buy and sell real estate. When you work with the team from Sanders Property, you can see everything there is to see. This all thanks to aerial photography and drone marketing.

Not all real estate agencies incorporate photography into the package, but Sanders Property does. Call and talk to a team member who can help you show off your farm or property with aerial photography for real estate.

Get your property sold quicker with Sanders Property and aerial photography and call now.

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